$9.00 for All Return Shipping!


Complete Blade Sharpening Services

Reynolds Sharpening in Summersville, WV also accept your blades or scissors by mail for sharpening. Donald Reynolds tests all the blades and scissors before returning them to make sure they are in top condition.

All of our work is guaranteed.

Beauty Salon Services

Convex Shears
Beveled Shears
Convex Thinning Shears
Beveled Thinning Shears

Clipper Motor Service

• Oster - 76 & A5 : price is $20.00 + parts
• Andis - AG, AGC : price is $18.00 + parts
• Wahl & Andis Master, Lever Clipper (note:send clipper for sharpening,
cleaning and adjustment) price is $16.00

Barber Services

Clipper Blade Sharpening
Scissors & Thinning Sheers $10.00

Grooming & Veterinary Sharpening Services

Clipper Blade Sharpening

A-5, Andis, Oster,Wahl Detachable, & Ceramic Blades
$6.50 each
ARCO Blades Sharpening
$6.50 each
ARCO Blade NEW Top Cutter
$15.95 each
Large Animal Blades (Stewart, Oster, AU & Lister Sets)
$7.00 each
New Bottom Comb BLADES, #10 & #40
$15.00 each
Top Cutter Blades for #40 and All other Blades
$8.00 each
Small Grooming Scissor$5.00 each
Standard Grooming Scissor Sharpening
$10.00 each
Convex Professional Scissor Sharpening
$10.00 each
Veterinary Scissors (Surgical, Bandage, Needle Holder w/Suture)
Nail Trimmers
$4.00 each

Quilter Sharpening Services

Standard Fabric Scissors
Pattern Scissors (Razor Edge)
Pinking Shears
40 mm Rotary Blades$2.50 each
60 mm Rotary Blades$3.00 each

When shipping all blades should be individually wrapped to keep from breaking in transit!


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132 Eric Dr. Summersville, WV 26651

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